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Shan knits, and does a lot of other stuff too.

Work-a-long worked. Along.


Hello everyone! I need to start with thanks. A while ago I posted about my doubts about my ability to create visual pleasing… non-yarn things, and I have to thank all of you for the encouragement.

One of my favorite digital scrapbooking site, Simple Scrapper hosted a Work-A-Long project for tehmonth of May. The basic idea was that you pick one kit to use, an overriding theme, adn four related words. (There was also an aspect of past, present, and future, but I found that that didn’t serve what I was going for very well.) The project was a great kit start for me and helped me to use every part of the kit I chose, Be Resolved by Audacious Designs. My theme was “learning” and my four words were creative, spiritual, physical, and mental. For your perusal, here are my pages (click to see a larger version):

Friday (April 24) is for fun


So, it’s time for the Friday edition of ShanKnits.  Fridays are for fun!

Okay, to be more specific if you’re doing this whole life thing right, hopefully everyday is about fun and happiness as well as productivity, progress, good works, blah blah blah. But, Friday is a special day, it’s the day Shannon posts about things that might help you enjoy your weekend. And, being that I, Shannon, am more than a little bit known for the randomness, who knows what will happen?

This week’s Fun Thing – Really, really Belgian Waffles

I have very fond memories of my trip to Belgium a few years ago. I visited two cities, Brugge (Bruges) and Bruxelles (Brussels). As a good portion of any of my tourist experiences involves food, two of the things that I really, really wanted to do there were have waffles and fries. While not a fan of what most Americans think of as “Belgian Waffles”, those airy, deep pocketed things that it are impossible to butter, I was pleased as punch to find out that there is another kind of waffle in Belgium, the Liege waffle. While the Brussels waffle is eaten with a knife and fork, served as a dessert, and often topped with whipped cream, fruit,  and/or ice cream, the Liege waffle is a street food, like hot dogs or tacos. It’s a dense yeast-based waffle with clumps of sugar in it and a golden exterior. While the former is easy to find at many breakfast places, the latter has been hard to come by in Salt Lake, outside of a cart at the Farmers Market.

Well, good news. Pierre , the owner of the aforementioned cart has opened a permanent location now, just across the street from Pioneer Park. Bruges Waffles & Frites serves exactly those things, waffles and frites (fries). You can get a waffle with chocolate, whipped cream, and/or chocolate, or a cone of fries with your choice of 7 or 8 different mayonaise-based sauces.  They do have one other item, a Flemish stew, but I couldn’t tell you anything about that. (Yet.) Pierre is tri-lingual, so if you speak French, Flemish, or English, say hi.

You can find Bruges Waffles & Frites at

Bruges Waffles & Frites
336 West Broadway (right next to Tony Caputo’s)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Yesterday… all my troubles were successfully ignored


Yesterday was quite a nice day, I must say.

I got up at a reasonable hour, then hung out until it was time for the luncheon. Actually, I should be more exact. I hung out and did laundry until Liz came to the door and I realized that I had completely lost track of time and had neither prepared myself nor the dessert I was to take. Luckily the luncheon was in our building’s (very convenietnly located) social room, and I am married to an incredibly sweet man who offered to run to the store and grab something. I asked him to pick up a chocolate cake, a can of whipped cream, and some strawberries. I figured that you can’t go wrong with those three things.

I ended up simply putting a piece of cake on each plate, putting a dollop (spray) of whipped cream on the plate, and sticking two strawberries in each one. Simple. (I should have taken lots of pictures, but didn’t. I’m sorry.) Liz made a delicious black bean salsa, Stacey made a delicious spinach salad, Heather brought a veggie tray from Costco (you know, the good one with the dill dip and peppercorn ranch) and Kim brought a tray of delicious sandwiches.

Afterward, I walked to the post office to mail a few eBay sales and then to Sam Weller’s. Speaking of, Sam Weller’s is planning on moving, so all of the used books are 25% off right now. As I walked back I took a few flower pictures, and I thought that I ought to post one.

I was excited to see something I hadn’t expected at all, lilacs starting to bloom. I love lilacs more than almost anything on Earth.

Lilacs starting to bloom